The shenanigans of Chris’ life began at Forbes Hospital in Pittsburgh, when he reportedly yanked on his mother’s umbilical cord directly after birth, cementing her decision not to have any more children. After years of deteriorating his mind through comic books, Sega, Pepsi, and Mad Magazine, Chris realized his calling in life was to be an artist. Thus his jaded attitude developed early. He was the visionary and designer of several murals throughout high school and even played hooky to help paint some of them.

Chris graduated in the top 500 of his class at Pratt Institute with a degree in Communications Design. He set school records for touchdown passes in Kappa Sig football, parties thrown, and sleeping into the post-meridiem hours.

After escaping the tyrannical yoke of Pratt for good, Chris began his career working as production assistant, production designer, graphic designer, and eventually art director. Young and in-the-know, Flecker ignores it all and forges ahead in a style that is both implausable and knowledgeable, harsh yet delicate, yin but yang, detailed yet simple. A student of social satire, his approach to human interaction is driven by Carravagio, Bill Watterson, Ben Sargent, and noted dadaist Gary Larson.

You know what Chris’ work looks like. You may not know what he does outside of the studio. His free-time is consumed by anything Steelers, shredding the gnar, and pointless weight training. The men he admires most are Penguins owner Mario Lemieux and lyrical perfectionist Axl Rose. The “Guy on the Couch” has an impeccable record in darts and billiards. He is tolerated by his (expanding) family, who are all way more lucrative than he is.

Chris lives in Los Angeles. His personal life is none of your business. If you’d like to know anything else, feel free to contact him via email.